She came in for a Bistro 90 certificate; She left with a wedding certificate.

Check out this feel good story.

We can add Wedding Planners to our resume now. Ginny & Cameron, two fans of Classic Rock and Wave 104.1,  were married right in studio this morning!

Here is a little back story of how this Wave wedding was arranged…

Ginny came in the other day to pick up a Bistro 90 restaurant certificate; while she was waiting the certificate, she brought up the fact that she was getting married at the courthouse in a couple days. This whole conversation was over heard by Scott Mann (who is the Program Director and a Licensed Public Notary) who offered his help and said “No don’t do that, I’ll marry you here in our parking lot!”. To that, Ginny and Cameron said yes!¬†

Now, we have been talking up this wedding all week about how we were going to record the whole ceremony. As promised, here is the video. Check it out…

As always keep rocking everybody, and congratulations to Ginny and Cameron!


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