WAVE 104.1 Celebrates The Holiday Season With A Commercial Free Christmas And Our Library A-Z!

Tis the season to ROCK!  Once again this year, Wave 104.1 is bring you your favorite classic rock Christmas tunes in just the right amount!  Not too much, just enough to keep you in the holiday spirit!  And you never have to worry about it getting syrupy, sappy or sad, cause we only spin the loud, the fun and the rockin’!  Listen for all this holiday awesomeness right up to Christmas eve day at 3pm, then listen even more because we’re bringing you a COMMERCIAL FREE CHRISTMAS right up to 11:59pm Christmas night!  Then at 6am December 26th, we kick off the WAVE 104.1 Classic Rock library from A-Z in order by title all the way through 5:20am January 2nd!  The holidays rock like no other time of the year on the Grand Strand’s Classic Rock for 25 years and counting, WAVE 104.1!  Click “STREAMING” at the top of the page to LISTEN LIVE NOW!

WAVE 104.1’s Commercial Free Christmas is brought to you by HTC and Carolina Cool!

WAVE 104.1’s Classic Rock Library From A-Z is brought to you by Pawley’s Wine And Spirits, Surf Beverage, Beach Beverage, and The Lovely Law Firm!



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