WAVE Celebrates 25 Years of Rock N Roll Adventures: The View From My Office Chair

So here I sit trying to sum up 25 years of music, concerts, fun, charity events, and things I never even considered.  For 15 of the past 25 years I have been responsible for what you here on the air.  It has been an amazing ride, and it ain’t over yet!  WAVE 104.1 is anomaly in the radio world.  The first person to play Rock N Roll on this radio station was PREZ, and he is still here.  Year after year we keep doing what we do best, and you just keep listening.  We are grateful….so grateful for your ongoing support.

I think about how many songs we’ve played. How many concert tickets we’ve given away.  How many people we have fed,  How much money we have raised for charity.  How many bands we’ve turned people onto whether it’s the first time a kid hears Zeppelin on the radio and says “Wow…what was that!” or the first time you heard The Blues of Sunday Mornings of Jambands on Sunday nights.

I think about the crazy things I have gotten to do that, as I said before, never even considered.  Like riding in a pickup truck on two wheels around the Myrtle Beach Speedway, or officiating a wedding in our studio lobby.  Like interviewing legends who’s influence on my life can’t be measured such as Buddy Guy, members of the Grateful Dead and Widespread Panic.  Gregg Allman.  Warren Haynes.  I even once spoke live to a presidential candidate.  Then there’s the local music scene and all the amazing musicians I get to call friends.

I think about the amazing things you do too.  The level of support whenever we tell you there’s a need.  You’ve donated tons of food, thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to help our community, our country and our world.  You cheer for us at concerts, and say insanely nice things to us at bars, supermarkets and everywhere else we go.  You challenge us over the bands you like and the ones you don’t.  You bring us with you wherever you go and make us feel like we matter.  You’re why we do it the way we do, and you are our final critics.

I think about our advertisers, too.  The ones we’ve worked with for years that have become our friends.  The ones who have made it possible for us to give away money and concert tickets and trips and food and movie passes and experiences you just can’t buy at any price.  Without our clients, we simply don’t exist.

Most of all I think how lucky we are to be here.  Thank you for making our jobs so damn awesome.  Happy Anniversary to YOU!


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